Rodak's Private Dog Training

& Graduate Classes

Private Lessons by Roger Keepers, Owner, Trainer and Breeder of 


Schedule your private 1 hour sessions around your lifestyle.

• The first training program is five sessions.
• I will personally train your dog while you watch.
• You can sign up for personal training at any time throughout the year.
• You take your dog home after each lesson.
• You will receive a few simple, written instructions after each lesson.
• Training can include a second dog from the family.
• There is a discount for the second dog and an extra lesson.
• Each dog is trained separately and then worked together.
• The two dogs will work "off leash" together in the second or third lesson.

Sharpen your "dog handling" skills and improve your dog's response to commands.

Graduate Classes

  • After the initial five sessions, Graduate Classes are available.

  • You may pay a fee for the five session course or pay for each class as you attend.

  • The Graduate Classes of five sessions begin in May and September each year.

  • These class sessions meet on Saturdays at         10:00 AM - 11:00 AM.


Next GRADUATE CLASS of 2020 will begin on

Saturday, September 12th

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